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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sauteed Brussel Sprouts and Potatoes

So a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted some potatoes, but eating just potatoes for dinner seemed like a bad idea... definitely something my mom would frown upon.  While perusing the grocery store, I had picked up some small delicious-looking brussel sprouts.  Why not put the two together?!  So here is the creation, enjoy!

-potatoes (about 3-4 small potatoes, I used red and white)
-brussel sprouts (I'll explain how to prep them below)
-olive oil
-parmesan cheese

Start by cleaning the potatoes: wash them, and chop into healthy bit-sized pieces.  Throw the potatoes in a pot of water, cover, and turn on the heat.  Watch the pot! (I am always letting it boil over and it is a total mess)

Prep the brussel sprouts: cut off the end that was attached to the plant, remove outer leaves and cut them in half the long way.  *Sometimes leaves fall off more after you cut the sprouts in half, this is okay--just take off the loose ones and don't mess with the rest.

Sauté it up: Start with the garlic (one med/small clove is good, finely chopped) and 1-2 tablespoons olive oil.  Start to heat it up in a med/large sauté pan (don't let it get too hot cause garlic burns fast!).  Add the brussel sprouts (I like to start them all with the flat side down to get a nice brown going) and keep them moving every couple minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add the potatoes: The potatoes should be tender when you poke them with a fork, but still pretty firm because you want to brown them without over-cooking them.  Drain them, and add them to the brussel sprouts.  Keep everything moving otherwise it might burn! (I needed to add some extra olive oil at this point)  

When everything looks all delicious: Take it off the heat, plate, and add parmesan.  Then... enjoy!


  1. I, Hazel, fully support the idea of eating just potatoes for dinner. In fact, I suggest a potato themed meal. Please don't include brussel sprouts in any form.

  2. Hmmmm I LOVE brussel sprouts so that sounds delish!!!

  3. We, Hannah and Stephanie, say that everything you cook is delicious. however, we are unsure if brussel sprouts should exist in college.

  4. I think if you tried them, you would love them. Just think of them as little cabbages. They're delicious

  5. I must admit, I've never had brussel sprouts. My mother knew better than to make them for us when we were kids.

    This tempts me though. I'll have to stop at Russo's and buy some time soon.