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Saturday, April 17, 2010

French Onion Soup

I wanted to post this one before it gets too warm for a good hot soup.  Basically, I am an onion addict.  I won't eat them raw, but I put onions in about 90% of my savory dishes.  Why not? :)  So here is a tribute to an absolutely delicious vegetable: French Onion Soup.


-Onions (I used about 8 big yellow onions, but I hear red are even better... but I can't resist a sale)
-Beef broth/stock (I probably used about 6-8 cups, but it really depends on what you want the onion-to-soup ratio to be)
-Crusty french bread
-Cheese (I used moz and parmesan, but mostly because Hazel didn't want to spend the money on Gruyere)


1. Slice the onions and caramelize: this should take a while so just be patient.  I did it in our big skillet that is oven safe, so that I could assemble the entire soup and bake it right in the pan.  If you don't have an oven pan, you will need a baking dish.

2. Add beef broth/stock: at this point, I try to heat up the broth because I think it takes less time in the oven and I get impatient watching cheese melt later.

3. Place slices of bread over soup: do this in the container you plan to bake!

4. Cheese!: cover the top with delicious cheese and stick in an oven with the broiler on.  Wait till its all bubbly and delicious and brown looking and you're ready to eat.  (just as a note, things that come out of the oven are hot--I know, shocking. But Hazel doesn't seem to understand this concept all the time, so just be careful when trying to eat it.  I don't want to be responsible for burnt tongues)

.... I know this recipe is super simple, but I like it that way!  I actually added a couple other things to the soup to make it better, but they really aren't necessary.  However, in the spirit of full disclosure: 
-I added some red wine along with the beef stock (because everyone knows how much I love a good glass of red wine... it's really an excuse to drink the rest of the bottle at dinner)
-I added a couple herby bits while heating up the broth (but I won't tell you what they were because you should experiment on your own!)

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  1. I love onions, I'm just far too lazy to chop them up.